A musical interlude

I had an interesting conversation with friends in the car this morning, on how our way to work about how listening to music has changed. This got me thinking: when was the last I listened to a CD the way I used to, home alone in my room, and not in my car while driving and talking. When did I last just and only concentrate on the music? That must have been in my second year at college, so like five years ago or so. This realisation really shocked me, but when I thought about my next opportunity to do exactly this, I realised that I do not have my music station with its to loudspeakers anymore. I remember when I got it from my dad and my grandparents and how cool it was at the time and how happy I was and how much I used it. And now it’s not even in my room anymore. I probably gave it to my brother when we moved, I will check next time I’m home. Apparently playing music directly from my phone or laptop was way cooler.

Now this makes me sad, I miss my CD collection and the concentrating on one artist and a particular album for an hour or several hours at a time. I miss opening the CD and putting it into the CD player. I miss giving and receiving CDs. Even though I still do receive some, but then I tend to take them into the car with me.

And all this coming from someone who’s parents are very musical and who loves live music in all shapes and forms.


This photo was taken at a concert outside on Milano in an old castle. I really try to go to as many live music events as possible, as I believe that live is always the best version of music. And the feeling that goes with it is indescribable.


This was taken at a Bruce Springsteen concert in Germany a couple of years back, the feeling and the rush of the many people all singing along the same song is breathtaking. Can’t wait to be back in that arena in the summer for the next Coldplay tour!


This is a photo of one of my dad’s songs. He plays Jazz and all his pages look like this- not readable for someone like me who learned to play classical music- to me it’s the most complicated music. There is a theme that all the musicians playing a certain song but then there is so much improvising, I don’t know how they never get lost and always know exactly where each musician is. Listening to Jazz is quite something. You really feel it deep in your body.

All this to tell you that seeing as I can’t go to concerts all the time, I think it’s about time to revive the CD era!

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