New York


Most of you have probably been to New York and many of you probably love New York. We all know the catchy phrases like

“The city that never sleeps.”

“If you make it in New York you can make it anywhere.”

or petty much anything from

“Sex and the City.”

Personally, I don’t know New York very well, this is only my third time here, and I really like Washington (smaller, more political), but this time is different. Maybe because I came in from the West coast and am not jet lagged at all or maybe because so many of our friends live here or maybe because our apartment is so super beautiful. Either way, I LOVE IT. Obviously.


This time I came to work here, so I have more of a purpose and a routine. And I decided I would love to work here (part of my five year plan now). I took the subway and sometimes the bus to go to and from work on the east side and in chelsea, but at night, all our plans were always so close to home, in east village.


The first night we had dinner at Union Fare, close to Union Square- a very good fancy and cool restaurant, then we went to a bar called Bar 13 and finally to Drexler’s, which sounds very German I think. All within walking distance! The program for the next nights included Zinc Bar- where we heard an amazing Jazz Concert-, Broadway, other bars, restaurants and a dance performance/happening. So the day I move to New York I definitely want to live in East Village.



Lars Haake Quartet on Wednesday night at Zinc Bar.

Six days was far from enough, but we saw the Guggenheim, we walked on the High Line, Chelsea Market, the MoMA, the Met, the Neue Gallery, the Frick Collection, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Ground Zero, which is a pretty good start I think. The next time I want to tackle the galleries and artsy places in Chelsea, like David Zwirner and Hauser&Wirth.


I love the Guggenheim.


Me having my blood pressure taken at the Guggenheim.


Me at Union Square.


The view onto Ground Zero.

I hope to be back very soon New York!



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