Washington D.C.

I love politics. But this weekend was literally too political.

It was so interesting to be in Washington on this particular Inauguration Day weekend, with the inauguration itself, the news all over social media and then the Women’s March on Saturday. Regardless of what happens next, this weekend will go down in history, of that I am sure.


We met so many interesting people and heard so many opinions on every imaginable subject. I thought it was very important to hear and realize how different issues matter to different people and how these shape their political objectives. Inauguration itself was of course a very annoying event, with all the “red-necks” as my colleague called them today interfering every time a democrat had the audacity to be called on stage. The weather was grim and YES, it did start raining right when D.T. started giving his speech (going after Michelle here and avoiding names), and not after as he claimed (but if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth, or as we heard yesterday an “alternative fact” right? His speech was one of the scariest things I ever had to witness, reminding me very sadly very much of my own country’s history.



With my cousin and my boy.

Then we went to a the building on 101 Constitution Avenue from where CNN was filming from, which meant that we had an amazing view. While we walked out (around 12.30 pm) we had no trouble leaving the grounds, even though we were a large group of eight people. This already made me wonder whether there were actually that many people present, though it seemed like it whenever we turned around. We later found out that there were barely half as many people as when Obama got inaugurated eight years ago.


We skipped the service at the National Cathedral the next day, but on Sunday we did something amazing, to counter so much trumpish input on that weekend, so to speak. We went to a drag queen brunch! This was one of the most hilarious and joyful experiences of my life. Basically you get tickets and you reserve a table according to the number of people attending your party, then you get mimosas or bloody marrys and food. Half way in the show starts, with drag queens performing so incredibly well! They really lit the mood on fire and made our day. They sang the best songs in the best costumes and invited the audience to cheer and sing along. I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. Especially when they would come dance with my godfather or my boyfriend. I can really recommend this to anyone living in D.C. or visiting D.C.



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