The love for photos


One of the nicest presents to make is photos I think. Printed, framed, collaged, in an album. Either way they celebrate moments and memories, and prevent the disappearance into the world of iPhone photos and iCloud (11.000 and counting on my one year old phone!). Plus it is so much fun to make the gift- not only do you end up recalling so many forgotten moments, but it is also a chance to live your thoughtful and artistic side.


Taken yesterday at Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair

There are amazing sites on the Internet to design your own photo albums (hugely successful especially with busy parents). Apple has a really pricey but amazing option to create an album with your own iPhotos. More affordable brands include for those in the U.S.

A very popular tool, that I love to use too, are non-reusable cameras. You can buy them in any CVS Pharmacy or Boots, even underwater ones, and you they throw you right back into your 90s childhood when you parents would get you those because they couldn’t trust you with the real ones. Most photos end up being quiet all right and when you pick them up a week later or so you get them in printed and digital formats. I.e. ready to be glued into a book or sent to friends! This is a great present too, not very expensive either.

The rise of the Polaroid camera! They are back! I remember using my mum’s when I was five or so and now I got my own. I really like the ones that make large Polaroids. They are super to keep in the wallet or to hang them somewhere in your room, as the printed images are not very sensitive or delicate. What I like to do is to collect many and then to put them all in even distances into one big frame, like a work of art that you can hang up and then take with you if you move.

Two meanwhile very underrated mediums are the real old school camera- reusable many many times, you need to bring the film to a real photography store to have it developed. Here I can recommend using black and white films- you’ll get timeless photos for you family albums! The other one are filming devices: recorder only for filming. They require more patience and cannot be printed, but are by far the best way to captivate the daily moments in life (like a kid’s first steps for example).

The newest thing I have heard of and which my boyfriend got me for Christmas is the mini printer from which you can print photos via an app straight from your iPhone. This really is very cool, super easy to use, even for non tech people like me, and so much fun (it makes little noises while printing)!

img_2890A printed photo from my iPhone of my dad and me in Downtown L.A.

A real professional digital reflex camera would be great. Several of my friends have them and their photos are amazing. So I might invest into that next, as I’ve been meeting to since years.

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